Thursday, 17 July 2014

5 Tips | Keeping Your Handset Working At It's Best

Have a busy work schedule or running your own business? The last thing you want is a slow handset. We know how important it is for you to keep your smartphone working at it's best... Everyone likes to get the best out of everything after all!

Below we have put together 5 tips that we feel will help your handset to work at it's best, from saving your battery to saving your data allowance.

1) Weak Signal Kills Your Battery
Phones use more power when they're trying to access a weak network signal.

2) Smart Phones Need A Fresh (Re)start
In order to get rid of your smartphone's reserved memory by programs no longer running, they need to be restarted every one or two days.

3) Video Kills Your Data Allowance
It''s easy to burn through your monthly allowance of data with videos. A single HD Movie could use up to 700MB of data!

4) Skip Screen Protectors
Nowadays, touch screens already come with a protective layer of glass or other hardened material that make scratching them nearly impossible.

5) A Weak Case For Cases
The smart phones of today often include carbon fibre, or other hardened materials that are quite tough. Cases brought from the high street may offer a bit of extra protection, but they'll often hinder access or slow responsiveness down of the phone's screen and buttons, that you'll access frequently.

Is your handset working at its best? Will you be trying out any of these tips?

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Deal of the Week | HTC One Mini 2 on Vodafone

Deal of the Week.

Get the HTC One Mini 2 (Gold or Grey) for your Business FREE on Vodafone with Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts & 4GB Data. All this for only £32.50 ex vat per month*.

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