Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Testimonial | Recruit Recruit

Dear Damon,

I would like to thank you, and your team, for making out contract renewal such a trouble-free experience.

As the owner of a busy recruitment agency I depend heavily on mobile communications and also have little time to spend trouble-shooting problems with things. Over the last few years we have has at least one issue or another when renewing contracts and getting new handsets. Every company we have used previously has been less than helpful once they had our contract in their grubby little mitts and I have spent countless hours sorting out trivial matters before being able to get on with running my business.

Your team could not have been more than attentive or efficient. They have sorted everything out, remembered key dates for different handset "go live" (as my Operations Director was on holiday when the contract transferred), and generally been pleasant and productive in ensuring that everything is sorted without a hitch. They even helped me when I was being a bit of a techno-muppet, without making me feel stupid!

Even though you were on annual leave when out phones were delivered, Sarah was informed and completed the whole transaction in a friendly and professional manner. I have not had to chase a single thing - its all been taken care of. For even more peace of mind, your team have permission to deal with EE on out behalf so that I never have to endure the torture that is automated systems EVER again!

I would not hesitate to recommend Top Communications to anybody seeking business mobiles. You are a great example of how business, and customer service, SHOULD be done!

Kind Regards

Sarah Bishop
Managing Director

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