Thursday, 24 April 2014

Tip of the Week | Windows 8 'Name That Tune'

You don’t need the Shazam music app to recognise a song you like. Windows Phone 8 has music recognition built-in making it easier for you to instantly find out the artist and name of a song that is playing, and to purchase it on the Windows Phone Store. 

Just follow these simple steps...

1) Tap Search on the bottom right corner of your handset and then choose the music icon (musical note) 
2) It will listen for a few seconds 
3) It will then tell you which song is playing 
4) If you tap on Store, it will then provide you with a link to purchase it on the Windows Phone Store

Do you find it annoying when you hear a good song on the radio but cannot think of the artist and track name? Will you now be using this tip on your Windows Phone?

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