Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Tip of the Week | iPhone LED Flash for Alerts

Our tip for this week is how to enable the LED Flash for Alerts on your iPhone. This is also compatible with your iPad and iPod Touch.

This trick is handy especially for those who are hard-of-hearing, who cannot rely on audio alerts or screen notifications. It is also handy while your phone is on silent at the workplace or if you're in a meeting, and don't want your phone to disturb you with a loud ringtone. The only disadvantage of this is that you have to lay your iPhone face-down to see the notification.

Here are the steps...
Step 1) On your home screen select Settings then General
Step 2) Now select Accessibility
Step 3) Scroll down to LED Flash for Alerts and switch to ON
Step 4) When you receive an alert, the LED will flash on the back of your phone

Do you have this alert set on your iPhone? Do you think Apple should make this as a feature on the front of the handset for future models?

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