Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8

Two of the top contenders this year in the mobile world is Samsung and HTC. Samsung have added to their Galaxy Family with the new S5 and HTC have added to their HTC One family with the HTC One M8.
But which one is the better phone?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a plastic perforated back with ridged silver sides where as the HTC is all about metal with its sophisticated and smooth metal finish. The S5 also has a removable back and is water resistance, where as the M8 has a non removable back but has BoomSound speakers.
The Samsung Galaxy S5 is available in Gold, Blue, Black and White and the HTC One M8 is available in Grey, Silver and Gold.

Both of these handsets are available in 16GB. There are rumours that bigger sizes are available but whether many stores will stock these sizes who knows. Why is this? Because each of these handsets come with a MicroSD slot, giving you that extra storage.

The HTC M8 has a 5 inch screen, the same size as the Samsung Galaxy S4 where as the S5 is a tiny bit bigger at 5.1 inches.
Each handset uses different core technologies. The S5 has a 1080p Super AMOLED display which are great at reproducing contrast, where the HTC M8 has an SLCD screen that’s much closer in tech and style to the iPhone 5s. The SLCD screens are better for outdoors as they offer a higher brightness.

Both phones use the latest version of Android: 4.4 KitKat but their interfaces are pretty familiar to their predecessors

Samsung have bumped up the S5's camera to 16mp but that's not it! It also has improved image stabilisation as well as new selective focus mode and a speedy auto-focus that will enable you to focus your image in less than a third of a second.
The HTC M8 only has a 4mp rear Camera but yet it has a 5mp front facing camera compared to the S5's 2mp. Does this mean the HTC can offer better selfies?

Prices and deals.
We are currently offering the M8 and S5 Free of Charge on EE @ £40 ex vat and both with an upfront cost of £49 ex vat on £35 ex vat plans.

What is your favourite handset? What one would you rather upgrade to?

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